'westward swing'

'even in her ugly life, she has something she can look at that shows some kind of hope'

'or you can be neutral and embrace it as a necessary situation that will ultimately support you in the direction you need to go'

'seasonal haiku'

'poor plumbless beatrice'


'at home with angus'

'the only game in town'


'no. 3'

'norma you are a real artist but love doesn't always turn a profit'

'no 1 a prelude to nothing'


'i asked the magician to make you happy'

'hold on & let go'

'azalea queens'

'because the promises you make to yourself are the only ones worth keeping'

'bumper crop'


'balancing act'

'camouflaged var. 2'


'where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies'

'nights at the circus'

'diving deeper, faring worse'

'back again'





'dream house no.2'

'rhapsody in blue'

'get out, don't go'

'wanderlust + nostalgia'

'in memorium, ad nausea'

'deep scarred with wraps official'


'and something started in my soul, fever or forgotten wings. pt1.'


'where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies'

'do humans matter as much as what they ruin'

'nights at the circus'

'there must be a softer vision you can kick to'

'shelter from the storm, day'

'how about you slip into something more comfortable, like a few drinks and some chinese food'

'eat a peach'